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Our team of experienced construction professionals offer the end-to-end integrated solutions and best-in-class support you have come to expect and rely on from your Trimble dealer.

SITECH Mid-South is the sole Trimble dealer operating within Kentucky, East Tennessee, Southwestern Indiana, over 2/3 of West Virginia and 8 counties in southeast Ohio. We offer a centralized, one-stop location for all of your advanced technology needs. From heavy and highway construction to job site positioning technology and asset tracking, SITECH has the experience and the knowledge to ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed. We have always focused on customer satisfaction as the main focus of our business. SITECH has made it a priority to ensure that you can pick up the phone or type out an email, and be sure that you can get the answers you need, right when you need them.


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The SITECH Advantage

SITECH represents a global distribution network built specifically to provide contractors with the most comprehensive solutions in the industry. Because of this laser-like focus, SITECH provides a unique set of solutions and support that is simply unmatched in the marketplace today. If your organization requires jobsite software solutions to better communicate your progress between the office and the field, SITECH's team of software and product specialists can provide you with a customized solution that perfectly fits your workflow. If you are looking for a better understanding of your current asset utilization, SITECH can build a tailored asset management solution that effectively tracks and reports your equipment usage across the entire enterprise. From machine control, to software, to asset management, SITECH has the components and expertise to build a custom solution that is suited for your requirements.

With SITECH, you now get the best of both worlds. Local representatives who know your needs and are there face-to-face to meet your job demands as well as the global reach of the SITECH distribution network. That is the SITECH advantage.


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